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After drafted by our agents well equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, each case is examined by a quality-control expert. The QC results are recorded in writing and periodically summarized for improvement. Besides, our process management department uses electronic task-management system to ensure that all the time limits are met.


High-quality, high-speed IP services are just an email away from you (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). With extensive knowledge in languages and patent laws of Europe, America, Japan and Korea, we are able to provide you with whatever service you need with efficiency, regardless of the language and phase of the application.


Our agents not only know what is necessary, but also learn what is new. Besides, the following measures are also taken to ensure quality: quality control of the claims of new application, full-text quality control, quality control of invention agency, quality control of utility model agency, quality control of agency comments on OA, quality control of documents in reply to OA, time limit monitoring, PPH quality control and the like.

Good value for money:

We are committed to precluding future problems by reporting contents not in conformity with Chinese patent practices before application and providing agency comments reflecting the latest trends and changes. By doing so, we can save time and money for our clients.

Client satisfaction:

We cherish every client of ours and take your comments, recommendations and complaints seriously. In order to achieve this, we have assigned a dedicated post to handle your letters, ensuring satisfactory reply within three working days.

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