Our Services

Patent Services & Trademark Services & Other legal services


Invention & Utility model & design
  • Patent application consultation
  • Patent drafting
  • Patent translation
  • Processes in patent application
  • Patent reexamination
  • Patent invalidation
  • Maintenance and transfer of patent rights


  • Trademark search
  • National application, change, renewal and related matters
  • Madrid application / extension
  • Trademark dispute and request for revoking trademark not in use for three years
  • Trademark review case: objection review, invalidation, revocation review
  • Trademark transfer, drafting transfer contract and transfer negotiations
  • Application for recording trademark license, drafting contract for recording trademark license
  • Trademark announcement monitoring
  • Determination of well-known trademarks
  • Administrative litigation for determining trademark right
  • Civil litigation for trademark infringement
  • Civil litigation in IP criminal case
  • Trademark legal advice, making trademark protection strategy, providing training
Other legal services

Other legal services

  • Customs filing of intellectual properties like patent, trademark and copyright
  • Negotiation of domain name registration, domain name dispute, and domain name transfer
  • Copyright registration
  • Computer software registration
  • Investigation on intellectual property infringement
  • Filing complaints and administrative investigation request about infringement of trademark or patent right
  • Filing complaints and request to delete link about infringement of trademarks, patents and copyrights on the Internet

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